Picture Study: Cezanne

I love picture study.  Recently a friend asked me what is the point of picture study: is it to teach them how to do art?  Is it to make them memorize great works of art?  Is the point the history– so they can identify different schools of art?
Education is a feast.  My goal is to set before my children- well, before all of us, really- a feast of ideas.  Ideas are more than morals, more than words, more than works of art.  But the great artists present ideas in amazing ways, and my job as a teacher is to introduce my children to them.  They don’t- can’t- take in all of a great painting any more than they can understand the whole of a great book in one sitting.  But each nibble, each time we study it, we grow a little more.

3 thoughts on “Picture Study: Cezanne

  1. I think “attention” is one of the great underexplored spriitual disciplines. It is so necessary for the work of love. This is the best thing, I think, about picture study. Attending to something other than oneself very carefully and with one’s bodily action as well as one’s mind.


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