Early Feburary Daybook, 2012

Grateful: for my friend’s weekly dinner swap.  This week, despite my crummy offering of rolls and split pea soup (again?!), she brought me this incredibly beautiful fruit salad and these awesome ham & cheese sandwiches on croissants… with extra for my lunch today.

I’ve been really lucky recently to swap child care with a friend so I can run in the middle of the day when it’s not dark and freezing.  But it didn’t work this week, and I was left with having to fend for myself.  SweetP and I headed out with the jogging stroller and a bucket of snacks and actually made it 4.7 miles– hooray! (I swear WAY more than half of it was uphill!)   I had hoped to hit 50 miles in January, but I was several miles shy.  Here’s to February.


If I were a better mother I wouldn’t let her wear flip-flops out in winter.

Hearing: O is practicing piano. At this moment, he’s playing the Theme to Batman.  He just said, “You know what would be cool?  If you wrote a SuperMommy Theme for piano and guitar and we played it together.”

Praying: oh, the list is long.  I’m just trying to be present in prayer through the whole day.  But an answered prayer is my friend’s ordination last night.  It fills me with joy.


Cooking: well, er, you could say I’m in a rut.  But it won’t be split pea soup tonight.  It’ll be… well, something…  Maybe J will make some cookies to go with it.

Struggling: with motivation. Yesterday I put in Mulan and called it part of our unit on the Chinese New Year.  (I know, it’s terrible.)  Renee suggested I order Chinese food and call it a day.  There are lots of projects– big and little– on the shelf, and I can’t seem to find the motivation to finish any of them.

In the school room: We’re finishing up Cezanne.  We’ve really enjoyed him.  We’re also reading, though not as much as my friend Lori— check out her “Curriculum Cleanse”!

On the school theme, we’re hanging onto the pendulum for dear life.  I was all on this kick to give my children more control of their school day, but it means that O gets his work done as quickly as possible, and the other two take all day, which leaves us with no time in the afternoon to go play at the park (or whatever), which SweetP desperately needs.  So now I’m being the curriculum cop and making M & J sit there and work for good chunks of time.  Twice they’ve gotten everything done very efficiently, and I could see the lightbulb go on… but the next day, the minute I stepped away, M was off making “picture frames.”  Maybe I should write a theme song for CurriculumCop.


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