Daybook: Mid-January, 2012

In the kitchen: tulips on the table.  I love tulips.

There’s chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot and ripe avocados waiting to fulfill their guacamole destiny.   Paper whites steadily growing on the windowsill.

What I’m hearing: books on tape.  O is listening to the third Mysterious Benedict Society, and The Twits is coming from M’s CD player.

Around the house: we cleaned up the basement today.  Ugh.  My plan is to clean it on a regular schedule, so that when we do, it’s not an all-afternoon affair.  But we have friends arriving late tonight, and I thought with seven kids in the house we’d ALL appreciate the extra room for romping play.  I have been good about forcing the kids to clean the car each week (although two weeks ago that led to their deciding that vacuuming snow– snow!– was a good idea, and I had  a wet vacuum that miraculously did not electrocute anyone), and we’re reaping the benefit of a car that’s not totally full of crud.  Hopefully the basement plan will go as well.  Minus the snow.

What I’m reading: I picked up A Cook’s Year in a Welsh Farmhouse by Elisabeth Luard today.  The phrase, “A willingness to adapt to whatever circumstances come my way…” caught my eye when I opened it, and I could use a little more of that myself.  For J, I’m reading Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance and think I’ll make it through.  For the Life of the World, Alexander Schmeman’s book on liturgy, is excellent but so dense I feel my head growing as I read it.

Praying: honestly, the needs around me are so HUGE that I find myself paralyzed and have to talk myself down from the ledge before I can pray.  But where better to pray than from the ledge?  A few prayers have been answered in visible ways recently: a patient and I struggled through a difficult diagnosis and tried a new treatment this week.  She called me today to say “It worked!!”  She was so excited, she was almost crying.  Maybe I’ll get some sleep now.  And a little baby for whom we’ve been praying had a successful surgery last week.  Thank you, God.

Grateful: for aforementioned tulips and answered prayers (not in that order).  That moving the infested plant outside rid my home of tiny flying bugs.  For a day this week with my friends’ lovely 21-month old twins… the kids enjoyed them so much!  We all did, actually.  And having two extra children in the house for the day is such good birth control.  =)  My first evening run in a while (I did have to use a headlamp, but it was warm enough to run at 5:30. Hooray!)
In the schoolroom: Sam did a crystals-from-supernatant-solution experiment. M’s (from epsom salts) are growing well.


The others (rock candy from supersaturated sugar solution) aren’t doing much. I think this is a case a who had the most patience stirring the solute into the dilutant.


My real problem with science experiments at home is that I hate having them on the kitchen counter and I never know when I can actually throw them away. They look all messy on my counter, leading me to buy tulips, so maybe it’s a good thing after all.
Cezanne.  I’m so glad we went back to copying the paintings and not just talking about them.


2 thoughts on “Daybook: Mid-January, 2012

  1. Science experiment “counter constipation” (as Dan call it) reminds me of the homespun juggling comic where the Dad gets in trouble for throwing out dryer lint the family was saving for an art project.

  2. Annie, I thought that photo of tulips was a painting when I opened the page. It’s lovely. (Hmm – is it bad to imply that paintings of flowers are better than flowers themselves? that isn’t what I mean, anyway.)

    I’m sorry that your life has so many hard things right now. I’m glad there’s some beauty in there too.

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