Individual Strengths

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that we have the chance to capitalize on each child’s individual strengths.  My 11 year-old: really good at math and loves weird creatures.  My 8 year-old: very musical and loves to build stuff.  My 7 year-old: nothing can stop her and loves art.  My 4 year-old: incredibly coordinated and loves ponies.


The challenge for me, then, is to make sure each one learns the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic) and capitalizes on their strengths.  Especially when I don’t love weird creatures or building stuff.  I’m not good at art, and I graduated from ponies about thirty years ago.


Recently I added to O’s workload by asking him to build a world-famous monument for me out of Legos.  The first was the Eiffel Tower.  He was so excited– and then I said, “That’s not proportioned quite right.  Can we…”  He burst into tears, but recovered, and then we had a lesson on proportion.  Eventually he went back to the drawing board and came up with a proportional model of the Eiffel Tower.


Thank goodness I have Sam to teach Pony Math.



2 thoughts on “Individual Strengths

  1. Well shoot. I guess I should let Elphine build her stinken Great Wall of China tomorrow with the stupid rice flour. Even though every fiber of my being reviles the mere thought.

  2. What a beautiful post Annie.

    Yesterday the boys cleaned out their closet to make room for the Lego Robot box until they need it next. I am illogical enough to feel guilt at the boxes of science project stuff that they moved out of the way…as if the science stuff they were putting away didn’t count.

    K has blown though her Christmas stash of “vanilla paper” though.

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