Pretty: This is our olive wood crèche. The wise men made it to the stable just before I took it down, whew! I wonder which one of them rode the rhinoceros…


Happy: my unglamerous shadow– here as a symbol of how happy I am to be running.  In the sun. In January.

Funny: M’s “still life” which she set up on the living room floor…


Real: But then SweetP was kneeling on the floor admiring it when M tripped over her (reading a magazine while walking) and knocked SweetP’s face into the claws of the T. Rex. This all happened an hour before SweetP’s four year-old well child check, and I had explain to the pediatrician that she got a black eye from the dinosaur. He said, “This is probably the only time today I’ll hear that story.” =)


round button chicken


3 thoughts on “{phfr}

  1. I thought for sure you were going to say that you had a special picture taking opportunity after the black eye. That always seems to happen to us. Thanks for sharing.

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