Looking Ahead to Epiphany

I’m thinking ahead here, in case you are looking for ideas for celebrating Epiphany.

I love the season of Epiphany: it’s a season of light.  And seeking wisdom.  That’s always what I need come January: light, because for goodness’ sake, it’s the middle of winter; and wisdom, because after the glory of Christmas and all my new years resolutions (more on that later), I find I’m still human and so imperfect it’s not even funny.

So… light.

I like to clean things out and make room for light and space and air.  And I light a lot of candles.  Everywhere.

And I leave a little extra time in my daily schedule, for wisdom. After Advent and Christmas, which are so full, I appreciate more time for prayer. More time for quiet and reflection.

What about you? How do you celebrate Epiphany?

For more on this, check out The Nativity Carnival at The Ten O’Clock Scholar.


2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to Epiphany

  1. I like this. I just cleaned up the decorations from Christmas (I know, I know, it’s not 12 days yet… but I have to jump on the free moments when I have them). Anyway, the house looks shockingly spartan after the cacophony of red and green that has been the backdrop of our lives for the past month. It almost looks a little sad – except that it is also a relief. A quiet for the eyes. But the candles… hmmm. I like that a lot. A way to celebrate the quiet and space – to mark it as holy rather than simply as the absence of what came before. I might fill my mantle today. Thanks, Annie.

  2. We’re using your insights here in a Princeton Chapel service in February. We’re focusing the service around Wisdom and Light. And using lots of candles. Thanks for this!

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