Resolutions… Hopes?

I feel hesitant to make Resolutions this year… I keep thinking of Nicholas Cage’s wandering stream-of-consciousness meditation aloud on the word “resolute” in National Treasure and feel a little like that.  I had really good resolutions, and God took me somewhere I hadn’t planned to go.  Or that I had hoped for it but didn’t even know how to ask.

So I have some ideas about how I want to be faithful to follow the roads now before me, but I don’t know that there won’t be a fork, and I want to be open to following the fork when I come to it.
“A lady came to a fork in the road.”

“Why didn’t she pick it up?”

(See what I mean about stream-of-consciousness?)

So without further ado, I want to:

  • Run 400 miles in 2012.  (I ran 125 miles last year.  I said I wanted to increase my mileage.  Always so helpful, Sam said, “But you only ran half the year, so you should run 500 miles this year.”)
  • Be ready to go overseas if my skills can be used there.
  • Be outside more.
  • Eat more dinners on china at home.
  • Get comfortable at the new hospital in which I’ll be working (going back to doing some teaching, so I’m not sure how long it’s going to take to feel at home there…)
  • Memorize Scripture.  How much?  A lot…
  • Write a first draft of a novel and rewrite another well enough to query it.
  • Be both disciplined and flexible in our homeschooling so that we learn every day and laugh every day.

3 thoughts on “Resolutions… Hopes?

  1. That’s funny – “faithful” was the word I got for this year (last year it was “attend”). I’m still in the middle of writing a blog about my New Year’s resolutions, but I love yours. May it be the year of the successful query!

    And 500 miles! wow! Isn’t it good though, to have a husband who always surprises you with his high estimation of you?

    I hope your new hospital feels like home soon.


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