Mid-December Photojournal


Cooking: little jars of yummies for our friends who share carpool duties and who always watch our cat– even when I told them she might die while were gone.  (Wait, maybe they should get a big jar…)


Lots of soup.  Soup dovetails nicely with our recent re-listen to Despereaux, in which soup is outlawed.  Rebellion and lunch all at once.  Yum.


Learning: : we’re struggling with maintaining good habits during our light schedule.  J finished Singapore’s NEM 2 book and in the end showed good understanding.  So he’s had math-fun-on-the-computer this week.  M finished a “Milestone” of unit 1 in Rosetta Stone, and I’m pleased to hear her trying out more and more phrases in Spanish.  O had a Tae Kwon Do (sp?) exam this week– he was very nervous (it may have been his first test, come to think of it), but he aced it and is bubbling with relief.  SweetP’s dance class gave a little “recital” without he dreaded costumes and make-up (hooray!), and I got to see how much she loves it.

But there’s a lot of, “can I have computer time” answered by, “have you finished all your work?” when they knew from the start the answer was no.


Hearing: Handel’s Messiah, start to finish, over and over and over (my favorite).  SweetP is singing a lot of garbled Christmas carols, which the boys interrupt with “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” and I don’t think she’ll ever get the words right.  The annual singalong Messiah is this weekend.  Can’t wait.

Watching: The accumulation of handmade Christmas presents under the tree.  This is the first year the kids have done this with planning, thoughtfulness, and independence.  Love it.


Reading: I’m in a slump because there’s nothing like Connie Willis’s All Clear to read.  And my brain is full of my own book.  But when I’m really too tired to write, and everyone is put to bed, I’ve been enjoying Elswyth Thane’s From This Day Forward.  I read it about once a year.

Thankful (I know, I know.  This category breaks the participle pattern…): That peanut butter gets gum out of hair.  Twice.(!)
That my friend’s car accident was not more serious.  For Christmas letters coming in. For a break from swimming.  For really good teenage babysitters. For gifts from godparents:


That J’s eye doesn’t show any permanent damage from his brother’s projectile– and that we discovered his significant need for glasses in the process.
For the terrible treadmill– it’s monotonous and mind-numbing, but if I keep at it I can eat lots of Christmas goodies, right?

Praying for: dear ones, so many of them facing such darkness of body and soul.  I wish I could do something… and then I remember to get on my knees.  That is something.  It’s more than I can ask or imagine.



3 thoughts on “Mid-December Photojournal

  1. Annie – I love the advent candle holder thingy in the last picture (you showed this earlier in the month too). !!

    Also – that you for your encouragement of grace for my family. My mom said she could just hug you for saying that. 😉

  2. Love this post – have missed you guys to pieces. Love the pic of the kiddos. M is rockin’ the piggies. And Sweet P in her leotard is cute enough to bite. P.S. Yes, the should get a BIG jar. 🙂 xoxo

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