Big :: Small


On our trip I got to visit two friends in Chicago.  I invited myself over to my friend Beth’s house to take her the cutting board she won in the contest, but the happy result was an hour spent together thinking about how great God is. I have watched Beth and her husband navigate a life of great faithfulness to God’s call on their lives over the past nine years.  She observed how amazing it is that even as He is acting all over the world, working out his plans everywhere, He is also focused on each unique heart and our individual relationships with him.

It struck me that we are called to the same thing—not on such a grand scale, I know—in our own families.  Even as I am looking at the big picture of what God has for our family, I need to be simultaneously aware of what is going on in each heart in our home.  It’s a huge task, and I’m glad that responsibility isn’t solely mine.  But I am grateful for such a gentle, loving God to guide me through it, and a wise partner to share it with.


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