Green… and Red

The green (“rosemary sprig”) needed only two coats, so it was fully dry when we came home.  We worked hard to get the books back into their spots and put back all the outlet covers and light switch plates, etc.

We moved things around in the “TV room”, though with the new arrangement the TV is even less the attraction of this quiet space.




The red took three coats, but I love it. I love red. The red tea kettle and wreath above the fireplace inspired me. This is “caliente” from Benjamin Moore.  It looks very different depending on the light.


The red curtains were already there, but they really show up now, as does the white trim.

And here’s the chair rail. I still have to stain in, but it does its job, as required.




6 thoughts on “Green… and Red

  1. Love, love, love the colors Annie! Gorgeous, soothing, vibrant.

    We used caliente in our 1st floor bathroom. Chocolate brown in the dining room (was really hoping looking at the walls would curb my desire for sweets…alas!)

  2. Gorgeous. I love that green. Thinking of redoing my living/dining room. Just did ti when i was pregnant with E, but I’m not so in love with the color as I thought I was.

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