{phfr}: Thanksgiving vacation edition

Pretty: baby sweater, in soft cotton and bamboo. I knit it in the car on the way out, and SweetP chose the kitty button (to match her green sweater). Our friends’ baby won’t be here until January, but he/she will be warm!


Happy: cousins. Being with their cousins makes my kids so happy.

Funny: a pi plate.


Real: I’m not pretty (and hopefully not too funny!) when I run, but I am happy and real. This is my sister-in-law and I right before a five-mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.


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round button chicken


9 thoughts on “{phfr}: Thanksgiving vacation edition

  1. I have got to get a “pi” plate! That would so match our science family.:) And the turkey trot? My husband ran a “turkey trot” when he was in Phoenix….or should I say he “trotted?!” Good for you!

  2. What a cute sweater! And I love the pi plate – that’s going on my Christmas list. Just the sort of thing a former engineer turned domestic engineer needs 🙂 Congratulations on the turkey trot – I second Lori’s comment. I only run when chased.

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