New Paint!

Several years ago, Sam was overtaken by the urge to paint all the bedrooms over Thanksgiving.  You know how that it– craziness, and beauty, and chaos all at once.

Our first floor, however, is all soffets and open spaces and windows, and the idea of painting it has been overwhelming.  And yet, I need color.  Winter is the perfect time to add color, no?

This year, we were blessed by meeting a friend-of-a-friend who is a skilled house painter.  And while we were visiting (over the river and through the woods), he painted the living room, kitchen, school room, entry way and TV room.

Here are a few before photos:



Looks very naked without all those books, no?

You can’t imagine what I vaccumed up from the corners of this room…

In this next photo, I’d like you to pay extra attention to the line of paint the kitchen chairs have scraped off the wall there.
Yeah, attractive. That’s what I thought.

Think color.  Red.  Green. Bringing the outside in.
On Friday I’ll share after pictures… if I can manage to get any of the furniture back in its right spots.


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