Finished: 101 in 1001

My 1001 days are done.  The idea, if you weren’t familiar with it before, is to complete 101 tasks/goals in 1001 days (2.75 years): enough to time to plan overseas trips, or learn the rudiments of a language…enough time to do those things that are too big for New Year’s Resolutions.  It also requires that the items be measurable, quantifiable.  Nothing vague (like “68. learn to felt.”)  The idea originated here: Day Zero Project.
I began my list-making with who I am, and who I want to be:  a wife, a mother, a writer and creative person, a student & teacher, a daughter my parents, a doctor.  I started my list 2/1/09 and finished it 10/30/2011.  I am happy with what has been done; the list gave me impetus for some habits (copying Scripture, running, not speeding, a regular time/place for daily prayer) that I hadn’t previously set out in this stage of our lives.  There are 17 I didn’t finish, although a handful of them are in process.  I don’t think I’ll be making another list soon.  It was hard to make the list, and I found I populated it with both tasks and habits– but the ones I dread doing (eg, the kids’ passport applications) or require others’ buy-in or assistance (i.e. incorporating the children in my school goal-making, or doing a handmade Christmas) are the ones that still aren’t done.  And the reality is that almost all these items dip into the same pot of time: the few hours a week that I have “free.”  While that’s reality, I think I’d rather reevaluate my time so that strategizing how to decrease our garbage (#28) doesn’t cut into my writing/reading time.

There were dreams– like learning to sail and traveling to do some medical missions– that were so outside my narrow capacity to imagine, that they didn’t even make it onto the list.  And God did them anyway.  (God is like that.)  But I think the original function of the list is to help us break those things down into manageable chunks (like getting the kids’ passports) so that the unimaginable can be done.
So I think I’d like to reevaluate my to-do list and think about how to cultivate the habits so that they aren’t competing with the “to-do”s.  Then I’ll plow forward into the unknown with my hands full of good intentions and get done only what there’s time for in each day.  That’s what I’m learning.

Spiritual Growth & Mentoring

1. Read Interior Castle

2. Read Surprised by Hope

3. Read Rahner’s Prayers (in process)

4. Maintain Weavings group

5. Form a prayer habit—place/time daily

6. Pray daily for Sam with guide

7. Pray daily for children with guide

8. Write curriculum for CC: epiphany

9. Write curriculum for CC: Lent

10. Write curriculum for CC: Easter

11. Write curriculum for CC: Pentecost

12. Bimonthly worship leading

13. Copy Romans

14. Copy a gospel

15. Copy Colossians

16. Copy Ephesians

17. Finish copying Genesis

18. Copy Exodus

19. Copy Jonah

20. Copy Micah

21. Copy Nahum

Stewardship (of finances, earth, and my body)

22. Pay off Condo (in process)

23. Pay off Corolla

24. 3 mos emergency fund

25. Max Sam’s 401K

26. Weigh trash for a month (though I ended up doing volume instead of weight)

27. Weigh recycling for a month (ditto)

28. Reduce trash by 20%

29. Reduce recycling by 20%

30. Purge Stuff spring 2009

31. Purge stuff winter 2009/2010

32. Chart for 1 year quantity of local (<100 mi) food v. long-distant

33. Decrease non-local food by 25%

34. Make exercise a habit (5d/wk)

35. Twice annual dental visits

36. MD visit in 2009

37. Reach goal weight & maintain it

38. Train for & run a 5K

Blessing Sam

39. Get the children’s passports so we can travel (have the applications…)

40. Attend a conference with Sam (+/- kids)

41. Take him to a musical twice yearly (2009: Chicago, Joseph, 2010: In the Heights, Nine, 2011: Next to Normal, 2011: Lion King)

42. Dates each month

Blessing the Children

43. Build a play fort

44. Write in journals at least once a month

45. Write goals for children’s habits (w/ their help)

46. Write plan for achieving goals

47. Dates (at least 6/year)

48. Cook with J weekly

50. Play with M alone daily

51. Do a project with O weekly

Writing/Creative Life

52. Conference 2009 (RMFW)

53. Conference 2010 (RMFW)

54. Conference 2011 (RMFW)

55. Finish my YA novel

56. Finish my medical novel

57. Send medical novel to a beta reader

58. Find 20 agents to query

59. Submit query/proposal to 10 agents

60. Establish and maintain weekly writing habit

61. Write draft of Nicolas book

62. Write draft of middle grade/YA Book (in process)

63. Knit stockings for Christmas

64. Knit wash cloths

65. Knit children’s hats/gloves

66. Write Frank & Buddy draft

67. Write Advent/Ransom essay

68. Learn to felt

69. Knit myself a sweater


70. Submit essays twice a year (submitted a story in August 2011)

71. Do an entirely homemade Christmas

Learning & Teaching

72. Read 1 volume of Plutarch’s lives

73. Incorporate handiwork: embroidery, mending, knitting

74. Read Parenting in the Pew

75. Read Ministry of Motherhood

76. Read Laying Down the Rails

77. Take on A for capstone project

Blessing our Parents

78. Field trips with Mom/Dad quarterly

79. Maintain contact with my brother (once a month phone call)

80. Visit my parents at their house bimonthly

81. Visit J twice yearly (GA 08, IL 08, GA 09,IN 09, GA 10, IL 10, IL 11, IL 11)

82. Video of kids to J 2x/year


83. 50 CME in 2009

84. CME in 2010

85. CME in 2011

86. ALSO maternity care conference

87. 1 Gen Staff Meeting in 2009

88. 2 Primary Care meetings in 2009

89. 6 Perinatal meetings in 2009

90. 1st module of Board recertification

91. 2d module of Board recertification

92. 3rd module of Board recertification

93. 1 Gen Staff meeting in 2010

94. 2 Primary Care meetings in 2010

95. 4 Perinatal meetings in 2010

96. 1 gen staff meeting in 2011

97. 2 primary care meetings in 2011

98. 4 Perinatal Meetings in 2011


99. Make a habit of not


100. Start a neighborhood CM group

101. Read Dad’s WWII book (in process)


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