Running out of Time for St Nicholas Day Gifts

Thinking ahead here (because I always forget it’s almost Advent until it IS Advent…)

Here are links to previous St Nicholas Day posts, but our tradition usually includes placing one shoe by the fire the night before, which I “fill” with a Christmas ornament and a homemade gift.  We have also given them chocolate-gold coins to represent St Nicholas’s gifts, but usually I forget that.   We read St Nicholas’ story and have a special breakfast.
I’m running out of time to knit each child a gift, and frankly, I’m totally intimidated by this, which I chose for J.  So instead I’m going to go back to freezer paper stencil’ed shirts for each of the children.

We will also use St Nicholas Day to choose gifts from the Samaritan’s Purse catalog.

Do you have a St Nicholas Day tradition?


5 thoughts on “Running out of Time for St Nicholas Day Gifts

  1. My kids are really convinced that they all need “sleeping hats” – i.e., nightcaps that look like Santa’s – for St. Nicholas’ day. And, seriously, I’m so charmed by the idea of them all snuggling into their beds with warm hats on that I think I might just try and make them in the next few weeks. I’ve certainly got enough yarn! 😀

    Oh, and Trader Joe’s has gold coins, if you decide to go that route.

  2. Love these shirts – what a do-able and cute idea – good for older and younger kids too. We do breakfast by candlelight on fancy china – homemade muffins – yogurt parfaits – and… here’s the real “decadent” part… popcorn balls. 🙂 I don’t quite remember how the popcorn ball thing started… I think because it felt like “dessert for breakfast” (but wasn’t too horrible for you in reality). Oh yes.. I throw dried cranberries and apricots into the popcorn too.

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