PrettyAutumn at the lake.

Happy: children playing contentedly outside.  For an hour.  Without any intervention from me.

Funny: This girl never gets cold.  I was wearing a parka and gloves, and she took her shoes off.


Real: I fell asleep on the boardwalk.  Thank goodness it wasn’t snake season.  Here’s SweetP after waking me up.


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round button chicken


7 thoughts on “{phfr}

  1. My little ones forgo shoes too!!! It has to be really COLD for them to happily put on shoes !! I don’t know how they got to be so warm-natured… they didn’t get it from me… I have been known to wear a sweater in the summer… LOL!!

  2. I wish I could regain some of that natural warmth that all kids seem to have. Oh, and we have that exact pair of shoes (the pink ones that weren’t on any feet!). Our pair lived through one girl and have moved on to the second wearer. Those are some sturdy playing shoes.

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