Mid-November Daybook

Outside my window: I’ve been noticing all the birds nests in the naked trees.  I think we’ll have to make them the subject of a nature walk soon.

In the kitchen: lots of autumn foods.  Leeks, celeriac, Swiss chard,  butternut squash.  I love it, but Sam struggles when I’m too creative.  I still have two pans of tomatoes ripening on the counter and would really like them to be gone.  Last year my friend Tamarin sent me a bunch of green tomato recipes– time to pull them out!
Also, I’ve been making cake pops.  Once I did it the first time, the kids have been asking for them.  Cute kitties: success.  Yummy sprinkle-covered chocolate pops: thumbs up.  Water droplets, flames and chocolate drops for M’s baptism anniversary: so-so.  Adding the food coloring to the white chocolate was a disaster (you know, water disturbing those van der Waals bonds), and when I dipped the remaining droplets in chocolate because the blue and orange didn’t work so well… the kids were quick to point out they looked like turds.  (Although they were all eaten, for the record.)

Stressed about: I have a lot of work pressure right now, as does Sam, and it’s adding up.  I find myself unable to concentrate on what’s in front of me because of the looming to-do list in other areas.  The benefit of this has been extra days with my parents, which the kids love.  My dad is currently rereading Patrick O’Brien’s 18th century naval novels, so there has been a lot of piracy around here.
Celebrating: M’s baptism anniversary.  We do these up with dinners (often with guests), a gift representing the Holy Spirit (water, fire, or a dove), their baptism candle, and prayer.  We also celebrated Guy Fawkes Day– first it came up in More About Paddington.  Then in history, we read about his failed revolution against King James I, and it was November 5th (Remember, remember the fifth of November!)  I don’t have any photos of our toilet-paper-roll effigy burning in the birdbath, but it was a hit.

Self-care:  Wow, these are different categories than usual, eh?  I’ve been running regularly, training for a 5-mile run on Thanksgiving Day.  We’ll see if I chicken out.  I’m drinking too much caffeine and eating too much (though the only comfort food available around here lately was Wild Rice-Celeriac Casserole with Gruyere…)

Grateful for:  My friend Erin is back safely from her trip to Africa.  I can’t wait to hear what she learned.  Sam’s kindness.  Church, roots deepening there.  Meaningful work.  Time to read with my kiddoes.  The Lion King (musical) which we just saw with the kids.  What an amazing show!

Praying for: Gill’s trip.  Amy’s mom.  (The other) Amy’s move to California. Mandy.  Adeline, our sponsored child through World Vision.  Would you join me in praying for the Philippines?

Home Education:  I always find it hard as the weather changes to continue nature walks in the cold weather.  I have to shoot for shorter walks, but keep them frequent.  An uphill battle.  Also, I’m hoping to teach the kids to do a better job brushing their teeth.  Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “Mid-November Daybook

  1. I think it’s your toothpaste…

    I LOVE this post! Great pictures, the cake pops sound divine, and Your pirates and vampires are SO cute.

    Been struggling to get my thoughts out on the blog… I might copy your Daybook (just the format, though) this week sometime.

  2. I think I may need to posts like this on my blog. I always love when you things like this! Love you!! And praying for you and…… One week until I see you!!

  3. I finally got M’s gift in the mail. So sorry it’s late. Hopefully, she will feel like the celebration is just more extended. 🙂 The sad part is that I bought it in early October thinking I was so ahead! Thank you for these peaks into your life, Annie. And these regular reminders to be grateful. Love to you and the family.

  4. Amy’s moving? Butterbuns Amy? That’s too bad. Tell her happy travels for me!
    (And also, because I don’t have time to comment twice, can’t wait for R to inherit the ubiquitous red shoes! I miss those shoes. P clearly does not. 😉 )

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