Pretty:  The leaves changing last week.  It was such a glorious day I could hardly stand it.


Happy: My boy and I were lying on the grass outside, looking up at the trees against the sky.  These days won’t last, but I am so happy now.


Funny:  Two days later, this was the scene out my window.


Real: Playing poker for candy.  Do two wrongs make a right?



7 thoughts on “{phfr}:November

  1. visiting you from LMLD… we had the same weather here this week – beautiful leaves to snow overnight! Both are certainly pretty. Oh, and the poker for candy cracks me up. Our kids just traded and I think the oldest came out the winner on that 🙂

  2. That last photo made me sort of snort and hoot at once! I actually think that’s rather impressive.

    And the snow…we got about an inch on grassy areas so it wasn’t the nuisance it’s been to other areas and allowed us to be unabashedly giddy about it! But it was weird to see leaves and snowflakes falling at the same time!

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