End of October Daybook

Outside my window: the leaves are scudding across the sidewalk.  This is the first year our neighborhood has had a significant dropping of leaves.  It’s beautiful: colorful and fragrant.  I love it.

Hearing: times tables.  I made flash-cards, and O and M are both working through them, though not together, because that would precipitate war.  Those two are so competitive.  Also, SweetP is playing a game in the “secret hiding-place” behind the couch.  I love listening to her rehash our lives through her play.

Praying for: Mandy.  My friends Gill and Erin who are traveling to dangerous places to do relief work.  Our sponsored child.  We just got an updated photo; it’s good to see how she’s growing.  My patient who lost her baby at 18 weeks last week.  Our friends in the Philippines.  Haiti.

In school: J has exams this week: his finals for year two of NEM math, and his first Latin exam for Henle.  I think we’re both a little nervous, but in a good way.  My hope for him is that he will take his time and really show what he’s learned, without making silly mistakes of calculation (or declension) which he doesn’t bother to correct.  O has really become a self-starter, pushing through his work very independently and enjoying the benefit of a large stretch of time in the late morning/afternoon for play.  I’m still waiting for M to make that connection.  I try not to nag as she delays in the morning and then let her pay the consequence by having to do her work in the afternoon while everyone else is having fun.  SweetP enjoyed sorting buttons this week.

We’ve just finished a few read-alouds: The Long Winter (Wilder) and More About Paddington (Bond).  I think Heidi is next—the kids were so little when we read it last time, only J has any memory of it.

In the kitchen: tomatoes ripening on the counter.  I really wish they’d hurry up so I can have my counter back.  Maybe I should just feed us fried green tomatoes for a few days and get it over with…

Around the house: I dug out snow boots, gloves, hats, etc.  Now I’m in that crowded season where the fall and winter stuff is out but no one can remember where anything goes.


One thought on “End of October Daybook

  1. 18 weeks. 😦 So hard.

    Tomatoes – are they in a brown paper bag? Perhaps if you stick them in with an apple, they’ll hurry along? I didn’t go pick our greenies before the freeze and everything was yucky the next day. Oh well.

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