So many blogs, so little time

I just wanted to ask if any of you are interested in a Nativity Carnival– something akin to the Advent Carnival A Ten O’Clock Scholar and At a Hen’s Pace hosted last year– over Advent/Christmas/Epiphany.  Kerry’s imagining a Mr Linky-type event where you can add your own posts.  If so, please go on over to A Ten O’clock Scholar and let her know.

Also, Like Mother Like Daughter is hosting a giveaway of some beautiful Christmas cards from Minted.  I’m so nice I told you about it thus diminishing my own chances– so don’t be surprised if I don’t win and you’re stuck receiving our badly xeroxed (or HP’d) letter again this year.

And tomorrow night my 1000th post giveaway closes, so don’t forget to enter.

I love reading your comments! Thanks for visiting.

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