1000th Post Contest

Hey, friends!  Guess what?  This is my 1000th post (since June 2006).

To celebrate, I thought I’d have a little contest.

See this beautiful hardwood cutting board?

My friend who is an artist in wood made several as a fund-raiser for his son’s school.  This one is mine, but I am giving away an equally beautiful hand-made artisan cutting board to the lucky winner of my contest.

To enter, go to the comments section and tell me what kind of posts you’d like to see in the future over here at Learning As We Go.

Entries close onThursday October 27th at 11 p.m., and I’ll announce the randomly chosen a winner on the 28th.

And thank you for walking this journey with me!

11 thoughts on “1000th Post Contest

  1. Beautiful!
    Posts… I really love all that you write here, Annie- but especially homeschooling-related posts. Anything with your family. Oh! And gardening. And book recommendations. 😉


  2. A THOUSAND!??! I started my blog in March 2007 and am only up to 390! Wow!

    I agree – I love your homeschooling posts, and your gardening posts. And I love seeing all the things you make. And your Day in the life posts inspire and crack me up and also encourage. 🙂


  3. I like the way you reflect on your personal goals, and the joys of this particular season of life in your family. Dan likes anything with your photos. The day in the lifes are a treat, so are writing reflections. Connie Willis was a wonderful hint – both Dan and Ben fought over my library copy of To say nothing of the Dog.


  4. I would agree on the recommended books — on homeschooling? But also ” A day in the life” posts such as what you did recently would be so fun to read regularly: a dose of reality (and encouragement, somehow).

    Oh, and my 8yo wants to learn how to knit, only I don’t know how. Any recommendations on how to start? (for both of us?)


  5. Ooh, and just when I need a new cutting board, too!
    I love it all, of course, just like everyone else. I think the beauty of the Day In The Life posts is seeing how you integrate all the learning across all the age levels, so if you’re looking for content ideas, I’m always up for more advice on that kind of thing.
    Also, I really liked your sleeping bag tutorial; I’ll bet you could get some mileage out of food preservation tutorials.


  6. I like your blog . . . full stop. Hmm, what I like best? Probably your musing-ish posts. And posts about books and writing. But I really like the ones where you take a piece of your life and turn it around and ponder it and examine it. You write very good musing posts.


  7. i’ve been avoiding commenting because I can’t decide what type of posts I like most! I really enjoy reading your blog…all of the posts! I really appreciate the book suggestions and when you share how you’re applying Charlotte Mason’s thoughts because they’re so useful to me!! but I also really appreciate your Day in the Life posts because it helps remind me that one can’t do everything every day! I would like to read some excerpts of the other writing you often refer to…. 🙂


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