Chicago Weekend

Last weekend, M and I went to Chicago for two days.  The trip was such a blessing to me.  We stayed with Aunt Mandy and M had a sleepover with her cousin.  (How can you go wrong with new nail polish and dogs to play with?)


We had lunch with Grandma (twice!) and spent a lazy Sunday afternoon watching brightly colored leaves fall.  Both trips to and from the airport were good times of reconnecting with those I miss.


We spent much of Saturday with friends in the city at the American Girl store.  When we were both pregnant 7 years ago, my friends said to me, “Someday when our girls are old enough, we’ll take them to the American Girl store together.”  So we did.  The girls hit it off (despite not having seen each other since they were two) and my friend and I were able to reconnect in a good way.

But the highlight of my weekend was spending an hour in the hospital with a friend of mine who is dying.  She has lived a good life and will soon hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  But by the miracle of God’s timing, when she asked for me in the hospital, I happened to be in town and drove over for an hour.  This fact was not lost on either of us: that God knew three months ago when I booked my flight that it would be the weekend that he could use me to bless her… and use her to bless me again.  God is good.


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