Time Management

I went to a time management seminar a few weeks ago.  She did some very useful things, like having us make a time budget visually, in the form of a calendar.  (When I did this last year, it was as a calculation, and that was helpful in a different way.)  Also, I made a list of my goals for the next five years and prioritized it.  We broke those priorities down into bite-sized pieces, with their time-to-accomplish written next to them.  Very useful for some things.


But her suggestions for “saving time” were very much contrary to who I am becoming.  “You don’t need an hour and a half each day for dinner prep and dinner!  Just microwave something and wolf it down.”

Many of my priorities were more elusive than, say, running a 5K.  I want to raise my children to be kind people who love Jesus, who have a good relationship with one another and us.  It’s hard to put a “time to accomplish” next to that.  (Twenty years?)  But I’m pretty sure that making dinner with them and eating it together as a family is part of it.


Her “time fairy” visits me really only because I take really fast showers and don’t dry my hair.  (That bought me an hour a day, according to some folks at the seminar!)  And that’s all right. The exercise was useful because it helped me realize that most– though not all– of my time is spent in ways that really DO line up with my priorities.

Dinner, anyone?



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