Slowly Putting Up the Harvest

It always goes more slowly than I think it will.  And I always seem to have too much, or too little.

Last year I did several 40 lb boxes of Roma tomatoes, which I roasted and made into Roast Tomato Soup with basil.  It was delicious, but it turned out that I never remembered the frozen tomato soup in time to have it defrosted for lunch.  Nor did I remember to thaw the frozen (whole) tomatoes in time to use them in my dinner prep.  I actually need my tomatoes canned.

I love my steam canner.  It’s just a simple water bath canner, but because it does steam instead of gallons of water, it’s so much faster, and I don’t feel bad about doing 4 quarts if I can’t fill the whole thing at one time.
Last year, Sam convinced me we didn’t need much apple sauce, so I made less than usual.  But as we’ve been out of peaches and applesauce for a month now, I realize how much I depend on applesauce and canned peaches at the end of my grocery cycle.  My kids are fruit lovers, and we eat plain fruit as our “dessert” every night, so I’ve found myself making an extra trip to the grocery store each week.  Not good.

Sam’s also not a fan of pear sauce, so last year I made only 2 quarts.  The kids were always asking when we could have pear sauce.  So, back by popular demand:
I get such satisfaction from making a HUGE batch of something and seeing the stacks on cans on my counter… and hearing them pop to seal (I’ve been known to stay up late listening for them).  Nothing has worked that way this year.  Like many areas of my life, this year is a bit-by-bit year.  One batch of raspberry jam here, one of strawberry there.

But it’s coming together little by little.  How’s your preserving going?  Have you changed the way you do anything this year?


3 thoughts on “Slowly Putting Up the Harvest

  1. Beautiful Annie! I am debating between canned and sauce for this second round of tomatoes, actually. I was planning to can but CitySister just posted a really simple roasted tomato sauce (no peeling!) that is tempting me. I have to decide today, I think.

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