Fungus Nature Study

Fungus is fascinating, right? I know that secretly, when you are exhausted at night and can’t sleep, it’s because you’re pondering the amazing ubiquity of fungus around the world. And you’re just dying to do a unit study on fungus, but you have no fungus photos.  Well, ask no more.

We found these all on a two-mile hike and have been working slowly to identify them.  I’ve pasted below the photos.  The ones growing OUT of the trees are bracket fungi, and their “rings” indicate their age, just as tree rings do for trees. Most of them would make you very sick– so don’t lick the screen.  The ones that look like sponges are in the brain fungus family, and if you look closely at the mushroom-y ones, you can see both the gills and the spores on their undersides.
















5 thoughts on “Fungus Nature Study

    • It was up in the mountains, and we had a record year for snowfall and snowmelt, as well as a week of rain before our hike.It definitely was more than I’ve ever seen before… but it was the first time I was looking.

  1. Posted to you on FB, Science Friday had a whole bunch of interesting pictures up of various mushrooms and other fungus that you might also find interesting…

    • I saw it there but am such an fb idiot I couldn’t figure out how to reply to you (I got stuck in the scifri page). Very cool! Thanks. I love science…

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