Daybook, Early Fall 2011

Grateful for: Colossians.  We’re reading it bit by bit each morning– the first of the epistles that we’ve done together.  We read much less (a few verses each time) than we do when we read a gospel or history like Acts or Exodus, but it’s good.  So Good.

Also, Elk.  We went up to Estes Park for our annual elk-watching day and saw a really bossy buck rounding up his cows… the sound effects are amazing.

Also, paints.  Everybody loves to paint around here.
Also, Calvin and Hobbes.  Recently they’ve taken to having me copy a page from the book, and then they color it in.  Apparently this is a really cool thing to do.

In the Garden: tomatoes.  So many grape tomatoes.  The Lego man is for scale– he’s not a very good gardener.
We’ve had them [tomatoes, not Lego men] plain, in salad with corn, in salad with black beans and avocado, in curry…

Also, potatoes!  I planted these in March from the end of my 50 lbs of potatoes I bought at the farm.  They’re Purple and Yukon Gold.  Yum.

In the schoolroom: We are currently observing a leaf bug grasshopper and a cricket.  The cricket sings all day, and most of the night. He’s really loud.  I asked the kids what the difference between the two was.  “The grasshopper is green.”  Some good learning going on here.


Here’s O practicing guitar. He LOVES it. He loves it so much that he doesn’t care that he has to carry it to school in an American Girl bag because I haven’t had a chance to get him a guitar bag yet.


In a category that we won’t call personal hygeine: M got her hair cut. I desperately needed a haircut (and an hour to myself) so last week I announced at the end of dinner that I was going to Supercuts. M jumped up from the table and announced that she needed her hair splintered. [Shingled?] So much for the hour to myself. But the haircut is cute.



3 thoughts on “Daybook, Early Fall 2011

  1. Those are great pictures of the elk.
    My boys have been learning about the leaf bug too – they have found two in the last couple of weeks. I actually am learning a lot with them – did you know they make sounds and have ears on their front legs like a cricket?
    -You know how you were telling me about J and the dinosaurs – that is like Henry and bugs. 😉

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