End-of-Summer Daybook

Grateful for: friends.  Raspberries any time we want.  A tiny batch of jam we put up last week.  Cool mornings, sunny afternoons.  The recent opportunity to take my dad to see Les Miserables, with its new staging.  That show– that story, so well framed in music– speaks to my very core.  Every time.


In the schoolroom: A lot is happening: J’s new Latin curriculum (so far so good).  M is learning recorder, and O is learning guitar– a long-held dream of his.  He came home from his first class with a big smile and played me Old MacDonald Had a Farm (picking).  We spend much of our day making music: SweetP singing all sorts of things to herself, everyone else on piano, and now guitar and recorder…

I’m feeling great tension between wanting to let my children (actually, to let all of us!) explore our interests and passions on one hand, and my discomfort with not getting everything put away at the end.  I can’t supervise paint clean-up and teach a piano lesson at the same time, and it bothers me, but I’m trying to embrace the art over the clean.

In the kitchen: I’ve just contracted for half an (enormous!) steer, which will take up all of my freezer space, so I’m trying to think of how to eat up what we have left in there.  It means I’ll have to can the other things I have planned (tomatoes, applesauce, etc) instead of freeze them.  Also, my friend Renee and I just arranged a weekly dinner-trade, which has been wonderful.  It’s no sweat to make double, and then I get a night free of cooking the next night.  It makes me wonder why I don’t always make double and freeze it.  Oh yeah, the steer that’s going to be in my freezer, that’s why.

On my reading shelf: It’s slow going, so I’m still on everything I posted last time… except I added in Blackout by Connie Willis.  It’s hard to have a conversation with Sam at night when that’s waiting for me!  And I’m reading 1 John.

Praying for:  Judy. Mandy.  If you have a minute will you pray for them?  They’re both in a lot of pain.  I’ve been using the Book of Common Prayer to help me stay focused in my prayer-time… I find the sink of dirty dishes very distracting.


5 thoughts on “End-of-Summer Daybook

  1. Steering committee. Ha!

    Annie – I love the mess on your art table. Can you tell me please how your kids are using the abacus? I have an acquaintance who is a math teacher and also Chinese and was explaining Chinese math systems to me last year. I was very interested but our time on the topic was limited. I guessing your abacus is a tool for something like this?

    I just canned up the tomatoes I bought at Berry Patch – one box made just over ten quarts! They would have taken up a lot of freezer space otherwise.
    Weekly meal plans help me get through the freezer more quickly – If I do it, I don’t buy so much at the grocery store.

    • I wish it were something as cool as Chinese math systems. Mostly, it’s helping us keep track of addition/subtraction, and counting by threes or fours, etc.Awesome tomato canning!

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