Random Links

Thought I’d share some of the things that make me laugh.  Not that my children aren’t funny, but eventually I tuck them screaming into their beds and have all this spare time on my hands to sit around and watch You Tube videos.

1. Parenting. With Crappy Pictures (TM): This one is a house tour.  If you’ve ever come to my house after I vacuumed (this happens about once a month) I apologize.

2. Second Semester Spanish.  I bego.  No leavo.

3. This one is the kids’ favorite: Grocery Store Wars.  I tell you, I’m trying to raise them organically.

4. And did I mention we’re Star Wars fans? Not only are we Star Wars fans, but we’re musical, too.  This is a tribute to John Williams. A capella.

5. When I’m feeling more highbrow, I enjoy reading the Bronte sisters.

6. Wait, this might be the children’s new favorite.  Especially because we watched this video (I Can Only Eat Margarine) and then we sang “I Can Only Imagine” at church this morning.  I thought the boys were going to fall over laughing.  Thank goodness we were at someone else’s church that morning, so I never have to see that worship leader again.


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