Kitchen Work: a Five-Minute Fix

I’ve been chipping away at organizing.  Chipping, as in hitting the log with an axe and watching one tiny piece fly off.

Anyway, the kitchen is where I spend much of my time, so it’s where I’ve begun.

Step one: the top of the fridge.  It used to hold piles of randomness that occasionally fell on my head.

I brough these three baskets once on sale.  They’re not sturdy enough for books, but they’re perfect for this.


From the left: basket one holds bread & bagels.  Basket two holds my yogurt maker and its containers.  Basket three holds my watering can and lysol wipes.

It’s a five-minute fix that makes me a little happier each day.

Do you have a five-minute fix to share?


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Work: a Five-Minute Fix

  1. Not a recent one, but boy am I a fan of baskets. Just from where I’m sitting, I can see the basket holding our shoes, the basket holding things-that-need-to-be-given-to-other-people-when-we-leave-the-house, the mending basket, the library book basket, and the basket that holds the remotes!

    Just imagine how all that stuff would look basket-less and uncontained. Eep!

  2. No. But you are cordially invited to bring baskets of any sort and park yourself in *my* kitchen and set to organizing. Your “one tiny piece” beats my “nothing”, any day.


    It looks great!

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