Mid-September Photojournal

Praying for: the folks in Honduras, and how they’re use the soap we sent.  Those affected by Hurricane Irene.  My gratitude that it wasn’t worse doesn’t help those who lost much.  Those around me who are grieving: Judy, Eileen, Trudie, Ken, Dave…

From the garden to the Kitchen: our little harvests continue.  We’re eating Aunt Leila’s yummy Sesame-Honey Grilled Eggplant, my friend Ruth’s delicious Pickled Green Beans (actually, they’re all gone), cucumbers, strawberries, the first raspberries of September, sauteed onions, cherry tomatoes and zucchini…

In the school room: our nature study last week included Bumblebees (I highly recommend Anna Botsford Comstock’s section on these ) and Butterflies.

On my reading table: Karl Rahner’s Prayers for a Lifetime.  Sandra Dallas’ Prayer for Sale.  Fiction, a gift from my friend Christine.  So far, it’s delicious.  Prayers for Sale (Reading Group Gold)

Gershoni & Jankowski’s Confronting Fascism in Egypt.  Heavy.  I’m learning a lot, but it’s slow going.Confronting Fascism in Egypt: Dictatorship versus Democracy in the 1930s

N.T. Wright’s After You Believe.  Excellent.

Creating:  Sermon bags for church, to fill with a few things to help kids occupy their hands so their ears can hear the sermon.
We’re going to try this for a season at church, instead of children’s church.  If you’ve done this, can you give me your wisdom as to what worked (and what didn’t!) inside the bags?  I’m thinking word search/coloring page on the lectionary passage, a single piece of candy to keep little mouths closed, wiki sticks, crayons/pencils, a copy of the Nivene creed.  I’m loving using up all sorts of fabric from my stash.

Order?  I need more order in the house, which I think is another way of saying I need less stuff.  The other option would be getting MORE stuff from IKEA, which wouldn’t make the Finance Committee very happy.  So I think a good purge is in order.  The change of seasons (it will come at some point, right?) will help with that. But having to pull out the winter stuff eventually will definitely NOT help.  Perhaps a trip to IKEA is in order…

Grateful for: unexpected gifts in the mail.  (This is a handmade journal from Haiti, sent by my dear sister-in-law.)

Dinner on the patio.

Music.  Beauty. I don’t mean to be vague. I mean: the beauty of aspens twinkling in a September breeze, dappling the path in cool shadows.


10 thoughts on “Mid-September Photojournal

  1. Order – I feel you. I’d been wanting new shelves for canning supplies/canned goods. This weekend I suddenly went mad and rearranged the kitchen and my one closet in the basement that holds entertaining stuff and things like my roasting pan. I started purging and it felt great. And I might just have room for all those canning supplies finally!

  2. The trick with the bags is… enough to keep the kids from getting toooooo fidgety… but not so much that they are completely engrossed. Having them be a little “bored” – or having to figure out for themselves how they might use paper and crayons after they finish the word search, etc… can grow them toward a participatory role in worship and encourages them to open their ears for the last 5 minutes of the message. I think what you’ve planned sounds about right. One addition in the future… some drawing activity (for non-readers) based on the passage for the day… or a simple question to answer in relation to sermon (for those who can write)… That takes coordination but its the next step in the process of integration – and isn’t too hard. I love the bags! Be sure to have a good collection spot for them all at the end of service. Maybe a clothesline in the back where their sermon art can be hung from week to week. Love you… just some brainstorms. J

    • Awesome– thanks so much.I added Wiki sticks (a few) and a drawing page and series of simple questions on the Scripture too for this week, and the kids and Sam said it went well.Two friends even offered to refill/reorganize the bags for next week!

  3. Annie,

    I’m glad you’re reading Prayers for Sale. I *really* enjoyed that book when I read it, too- a couple of years ago.

    Here are my two cents on the church bags (so cute!): a single piece of candy or even gum is smart (versus a snack baggie with multiple items). My kids have a notebook and colored pencils and I am forever wishing that I would have limited them to 1 or 2 pencils, not a whole array of them. 🙂

    Some things we’ve encouraged:
    *draw what you see
    *draw what you hear
    *tally oft-spoken words in your notebook (you can choose the word, write it at the top and they can tally up~ it helps them to tune in and listen)
    *take notes on the sermon (for older kids)
    *write out the verse/passage preached on
    *have them trace their hand on their paper and then listen for “5 things” words or statements, one for each finger

    For my little girls (2 and 3), I allow them to take one small toy with them. Audra usually takes a dollhouse figure to play with quietly.

    Love to you, friend!

  4. We use those sermon bags at our church. They have a bible story book & a few crayons with coloring pages. I think they work good. Love all yout ideas to put in the bags!! I might steal the kids candy though! 🙂 and that would not keep the kiddos quiet!

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