SOAP: Wrap-Up


Thanks to everyone who bought soap, delivered soap, collected soap, sent money, and is carrying soap in your luggage!


If all goes well, 150 pounds of soap and hand-sanitizer is on its way today for Honduras, will be held till Monday and then will be picked up and delivered to the main public hospital in Tegucigalpa for use by nurses, doctors, and families in preventing infection.

If you have soap collected that didn’t make it to the post office yet (and we all know how that can happen!) consider passing it on to your local food bank.  Our local one gives out as much soap as it buys each week.  It turns out hunger beats out soap on the priority list all over the world, and Tegucigalpa isn’t the only place where infections are killing people for want of soap.  Thanks for keeping Honduras in your prayers and thoughts.


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