My friend Season just moved away (sigh!) and passed her clothesline on to me.   As she knew, the clothesline makes me really happy.

I have an Ikea clothesrack that works well, but isn’t nearly big enough for a family of six.  I use it all the time.  In fact, a friend introduced me to one of our neighbors as, “This is Annie.  She’s your neighbor– you know, in the house with the laundry on the front porch.”

Our homeowner’s association has a thing against laundry drying outside.  Then Colorado passed a law that no homeowner’s association could forbid a retractable clothesline or other environmentally-wise method of saving energy as long as it was not a permanent structure.  (I’m paraphrasing.)  So I’ve been hemming and hawing about what sort of larger clothesline to buy.  This is dinner conversation.  We have friends over, and I ask them, “So, what do you think would be the best place to put a retractable clothesline.”

Anyway, Season and her husband poured concrete in a 5-gallon bucket and put the base of the clothesline pole in it.  So I can move it around the yard (or porch) and it won’t blow over.  Genius.


If you need me this week, I’ll be the woman hanging her clothes on the line.


2 thoughts on “Clothesline

  1. You know , I never hear anything good about homeowner’s associations: I hear about gardens being fined, ham radio antennas being hassled, people houses being foreclosed earlier, but never things like, the homeowner’s association brought over soup when so and so was sick, or painted the lady’s shed when her husband was deployed…glad you got your clothes line 😉

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