Early-August Photojournal


Thinking about: school. My new organizational plan is to give them each a basket which will hold their binder, notebook, reading book(s), text(s), Bible,  etc.  Then if J wants to work in his room, or I need to separate O & M (which never happens), they can just bring their basket to another location and not waste a bunch of time asking me, “Mommy, where’s my reading book?”  Honestly, sometimes I think they hide them on purpose.


Also: paint colors.  It’s time.


Working on: jogging.  I started while we were at the beach, where it was so hot already at 6 AM that I thought I would melt.  But it’s quickly getting easier, and as I write them down, the miles are adding up.  It helps that I bought a bunch of songs by Journey for my ipod.  =)


In the garden: a lot of green.  Huge tomato plants (with green tomatoes), green potato plantsd (though I’ve peeked and seen purple potatoes under them), cucumbers and squash plants that have a few blossoms but no fruit yet… I really got a late start this year.  But the raspberries are ripe and delicious, and the strawberries are so sweet.


Reading: N.T. Wright’s After You Believe.  It’s so good, but I have to go slowly.  Second Peter.  Karl Rahner’s Prayers for a Lifetime.  Anthony Horowitz’s Point Blank (#2 of his Alex Rider series).  Israel Gerhsoni and James Jankowski’s Confronting Fascism in Egypt.  Guess I should stop thinking that I don’t read non-fiction.


On the Needles: more red sweater.  It’s growing slowly, but I’m secretly (or not, since I just posted it here) that I’m afraid I’m going to run out of wool before I finish it.  This version is so much tighter than the first.  Also, I’m thinking about Christmas gifts.

Praying for: Emerson, who’s 3 weeks post-bone marrow transplant.  Mandy.  Amy, whose brother died suddenly last month.  That other dear friends would quickly feel at home in Albuquerque.

Collecting: soap.  Thank you!


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