Fixing things up

Y’all know my handiness has limits.  You need a laceration sutured, I’m your gal.  But you need a hole in your ceiling fixed?  Er, not so much.

This summer has been a time of small projects that never seem to get done during the year.

1) The kitchen cabinet that holds the trash can is stuck open.  The hinge broke, and it remains perpetually two inches open– just enough to bang your knee in the dark.

2) The girls were playing and broke the little playhouse, mangling the joints between the struts.

(I can’t imagine how it broke, can you?)

3) Our apple peeler-corer broke the two years ago (the second time I used it) and it’s been waiting in a box for me to send it back to the company.


So I emailed Merrilat and Hasbro, and both of them were willing to send me replacement hardware with very little fuss.  My hinge was still under warranty (yea Merillat!) and Hasbro, while no longer making the rose petal cottage, was happy to send me new joints free of charge (yea, Hasbro!)  Additionally, our broken apple peeler-corer is being replaced at no charge to us (yea Progressive!)

Now my cabinet closes, the rose petal cottage doesn’t fall on M’s head, and we’re going to love making applesauce and pie filling in a month.

And– wait for it– I’ve actually talked to someone about fixing the hole in my ceiling.  I know.  I’ll let you know when it’s actually patched.


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