Beach Trip 2011

We’re back from the beach and happy to be home.

O said, “Look how clean my room is!  I can’t wait to mess it up!”
SSI 2011
Sadly, Aunt Mandy and Grandma didn’t make it this year and were missed.  But we made do, and had a good week that flew by.

While much of our day was spent at the beach, I only remembered to take my camera once, so my photos are mostly of our other time:

  • playing Settlers of Catan (O has really started to enjoy it)
  • visiting the Lighthouse, which we’d never done
  • hanging out together– knitting, reading, or playing Frances* and Angry Birds
  • we had a great deck that was a perfect spot for a birthday barbecue
  • going for ice cream… and cinnamon rolls… and more ice cream…

* Frances is SweetP’s game.  She is Frances, the badger.  I am Frances’s mother.  She says, “Mudder, you say, ‘…'”  Then I say it.  Then she changes clothes.  Then she comes back and says, “Frances’s mudder, you say, ‘…'” and then I say it.

It’s a simple game.  You can play it, too. If you prefer a strategy game, I recommend Settlers of Catan.


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