Summer Swim Team

J begged off swim team for the summer.  We let him, but he hasn’t quite kept up with his promise to get lots of exercise in other ways.  (Recently overheard: “I ran some from the sprinkler when it was going to get me wet.”)

O and M are swimming on our very small local outdoor team.  The coach is a teammate of Sam’s, and he’s very focused on technique.  Both of them are improving their strokes by leaps and bounds, though O could use a few hundred more laps.  (He needs to swim a mile several days a week.  He’s a much better person when he does.)

They had their first meet.  M swam the backstroke.  She has a lovely backstroke. (I’m clearly not biased about this. At all.)


O swam his 100IM and butterfly.  I can’t tell you how pretty his butterfly is.


My only problem is how to get SweetP to the pool at a time when she can swim. So it’s been lots of sprinkler time for her– which keeps J “running”.

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