Reading List: the Middle Ages

Much of J’s assigned reading this year focused on the Middle Ages.  On the whole, he liked most of these selections. I put a star by those he particularly enjoyed.

The White Stag (Kate Seredy)

Beowulf the Warrior (a retelling by Ian Serralier)*

The Samurai’s Take (Erik Christian Haugaard)

Black Horses for the King (Anne McCaffrey)*

A Door in the Wall (Marguerite de Angeli)

Adam of the Road (Elizabeth Janet Gray)

The Sword and the Circle (Rosemary Sutcliff)

The Beduin’s Gazelle (Frances Temple)

Archers, Alchemist and 98 Other Medieval Jobs You Might Have Loved or Loathed (Priscilla Galloway)*

Science and Technology in the Middle Ages (Joanne Findon and Marsha Groves)

The Once and Future King (White)*

Tales of Robin Hood (T. Allen)

Master Cornhill (EloiseJarvis McGraw)*

A Single Shard (Linda Park)*

For our family history reading, we also read aloud these books:

Who in the World was the Acrobatic Empress? (Robin Phillips)

Who in the World was the Unready King (Connie Clark)

Aladdin and Other Favorite Arabian Nights Stories (Philip Smith)

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! (Laura Amy Schlitz)*

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Dover Classics)

Marguerite Makes a Book (Robertson)*

On a Medieval Day (Arato)*

Cathedral (MacAuley)

Castle (MacAuley)

St Francis and the Friendly Beasts (Hodges)

St George and the Dragon (Hodges)

1000 Arabian Nights (Classic Starts)*

Johann Gutenberg and the Printing Press (Koscielniak)

St Francis and the Wolf (Egeilski)*

Joan of Arc (Diane Stanley)

Muhammad (Demi)*

Marco Polo (Burgan)

Selections from Story of the World 2, The Middle Ages

The World of Christopher Columbus and Sons (Foster)*

O also read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Michael Morpungo), and The Sword in the Tree (Clive Bulla), both of which are “Middle Ages” titles.  I particularly enjoyed Connie Willis’ Doomsday Book.****

I love keeping track of this– not only can I go back to this list later, but written out like this, it looks like a lot!  (It didn’t feel like a lot as we were doing it.)

I’ll add a list of our other reading in another post– again with stars for what we highly recommend.

If we somehow missed your favorite Middle Ages book, please add it in the comments!

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