Update on Haiti

As of April 4, 2011, the Haitian Ministry of Health had reported 274,418 cases of cholera and 4,787 deaths.  This is on top of the more than 300,000 lives lost in the earthquake in January, 2010.  For a country that– prior to the earthquake– had only 10 million people.  That’s approximately 3% of their population lost in a year and a half.

the canal in Port-au-Prince where many get their water

Now the rainy season has begun, and the cholera epidemic is on the rise again.  The clinic where I volunteer has 200 cots and is overflowing.

I’m heading back to Haiti for a week.  I leave Friday.  Please join me in praying for an end to the epidemic and for water stability in this country that has endured so much.  Also, please pray for my friends who have graciously offered to entertain my children next week– it is a huge gift and sacrifice on their part. I am so grateful.

Vegetable stall on the Route Nationale


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