Nature Walk, Mid May

We’ve had another rainy May, with afternoon thunderstorms, hail and tornado warnings.  I learned last year and have yet to put any of my tomatoes in the ground.  While I’m not complaining, I do have to admit that we got a little tired of looking at each other in the dreary basement.

So last week, when we woke up to SUNSHINE!!!, a friend and I took our kids to the lake and called it school.  Last year, we saw five bull snakes at this time of year, and we were hopeful.   I can’t claim to have directed any actual nature study, but we were outside.  The kids got their stick-whacking fix.  SweetP had to be carried for most of the walk until I could convince her that the snakes weren’t out yet.  (They weren’t, though I think she’s right that she would have counted as a small mammal, a.k.a. lunch.)

The boys built a bridge to the far log.  Then they promptly “slipped” off it into the water.  Those Canadian geese had three fuzzy goslings.  They swam in a perfect line: parent-gosling-gosling-gosling-parent.  The cottonwoods had fat, green seedpods hanging in bunches like grapes.  The girls spotted three different great blue herons overhead.

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