Independence Days: Weeks 44-46

Plant Something: nothing, but I’ve got a tentative order for seeds written out.  I just need to go through the seeds I saved so I’m not ordering what I don’t need.

Harvest Something: nada

Waste Not: the DAV came by last week and picked up all sorts of things culled from our drawers and bedrooms during winter cleaning.  And my friend Amy was able to use a pair of linen pants that were too small for me– hooray!

Want Not: my neighbor Renee passed down lots of pajamas for O– he’s very happy!, and she gave me a beautiful blouse.  Also, I found some great casual bamboo pants at

Build Community Food Systems: nada.  Have you read Tough Choices: Facing the Challenge of Food Scarcityby Lester Brown?  I heard him interviewed on the BBC a few days ago about the world food crisis.  Very thought provoking.  It makes me sad to think of the price of rice doubling in the Philippines, or the soaring price of cabbage in China.  Those are staples I completely take for granted.  All the more reason we need local food options that are sustainable.

Eat the food: jam (raspberry & strawberry), pumpkin, squash, the last of our onions and potatoes, beef (we’re getting down to the end of the cow), peaches, and applesauce.

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