Warding off the February Blahs

My friend Christy asked me last week if my February Blahs were upon me yet.  Not so much.  I’m wondering why that is.  Last year they hit everyone I knew.  (Maybe it’s because February has barely started?)

I learned something last year: that digging in — instead of looking for change– was one way out of my mid-year blahs.  Oddly enough, I hadn’t learned that yet.  Usually at this time of year, I feel the itch to change what we’re doing, to find something newer and better.  Or just newer.  Or just better.  Instead, we worked hard on what was working, and lightened up just a bit on what wasn’t working so well.  Several weeks later, it was March.  The grass started changing colors under the snow, and we finished a whole bunch of books we’d been reading.

As I put this week’s work into our notebooks over the weekend, I saw that we’re almost through with several of our consumables (our analogy/logic workbooks , O & M’s math books, and M’s Explode the Code).  Instead of wanting to “try something new,” I ordered the next one in the series.

We just finished Around the World in 80 Days, which was my attempt at a living book for geography.  I can’t say that we learned much accurate information about world cultures, but we looked at the map multiple times each week, followed Philleas Fogg’s trip around the globe with great attention, and were thrilled with the longitudinal phenomenon that caused his success.  My parents rented the movie, so the kids are looking forward to watching it with them. 

SweetP has just gotten into puzzles.  “I NO need you help me!” she says, covering the puzzle with her entire body.  It’s a little thing, but it’s a sign of her growth and development that encourages me.  And it gives me another activity for her to do while we’re reading aloud.  I pulled out all of our 25-30 piece puzzles and am rotating them for her.

I think our winter cleaning and furniture moving has given us all a little bit of energy.  Despite a few colds and even a GI bug, we’ve been healthy enough to get outside often.  We need all the vitamin D we can get!

A few things aren’t working:

1) Rembrandt has been much harder for us than other artists… and not just because he’s the master.   I think his paintings (or, the ones I chose, at least) are so big and dark, our reproductions feel puny and dark.  Ick.  Why did I decide to study him in the dead of winter?  Mental note: next year, we’ll study Chagall or Miro or someone light and colorful in the winter.

2) J has a whole pile of “midterm assessments” in Latin, science and math.  Who wants to spend the winter seeing what you don’t know?  Next year, I want to break them up better, instead of letting them suck the life out of him all at one time.

What’s working (or not) at your house?


4 thoughts on “Warding off the February Blahs

  1. I know that I need to find some satisfying challenges for K, and get the family moving earlier in the morning, and outside no matter how they are feeling or how much I think we should pick up groceries instead. But I need to put that knowledge to work.

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