Book Review: Two Favorites

These aren’t really reviews, so much as recommendations.  Both these books came to us as gifts from my friends, moms themselves.  So I offer these to you in a spirit of humor at what it means to be a parent– even though my children ask me to read these books over and over and over.  Which is exactly why I need five minutes peace.

Jill Murphy’s Five Minutes Peace is about Mrs. Large, who attempts to take a bath alone, “to get five minutes’ peace from all of you.”

Five Minutes' Peace (Large Family)

Mary Ann Hoberman is so fun.  Her The Seven Silly Eaters will be a joy to you– even if your children are not silly eaters.  Marla Frazee’s illustrations are as wonderful as the text.  From Mrs. Peters’ cello-playing to the pets who gorge themselves at the end… the whole book is a delight.  Even yesterday my kids were chanting, “Creamy oatmeal, pots of it!  Homemade bread and lots of it!”   See, you’ll love this book.  I know you will.

The Seven Silly Eaters


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