"These are the worst pajama pants! Ever!"

A few of you may remember my tutorial on making pajama pants.  For the record, the girls’ pants fit great.  But the boys pants… not so much.

I wasn’t even off the plane from Haiti for 2 hours when O put his on and shouted the above [really grateful] statement.  And welcome home.

Both boys’ pants fit terribly– too tight in the hips.  I have no idea what happened, but if you copied my tutorial and ended up with “the worst pajama pants!  Ever!” instead of the girls’ well-fitting pants, I’m sorry.  So sorry.

My theory is that because the boys’ measurements were opposite (the inseam and waist measurements were directly converse: 21 x 24, v 24 x 21, or something like that) I goofed when I double-checked the casement.

Anyway, now I’ve fixed them.  We’ll see if the pants are actually worn, or if the experience thus far has tainted the pants past redemption.  I hope this is one of those moments when Sam’s question, “Seriously, why don’t you just order some?” becomes an “I told you so.”  (He wouldn’t do that, would he?)

2 thoughts on “"These are the worst pajama pants! Ever!"

  1. Why do husbands not understand the satisfaction of doing it ourselves? Wait – they do – that’s why they never want to call the plumber, right? lol. I loved the pants idea. I read that blog and thought, “genius!” I’m planning on trying it next year!


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