Happy New Year (2011)!

(This is our little apple tree, which we started last spring from a seed I saved.  It thinks it’s spring.)

The new year always makes me feel like I’m turning some sort of metaphysical corner– new projects, new ideas, and renewed resolve.

I love New Year’s Resolutions, even though I always end up adding in new ones so I can cross something off the list.  (I’m that kind of girl.)  This year, though, I haven’t made any resolutions.  I’m going to revisit my 101 in 1001 list (made 2 years ago, so I should have some of it to check off!) and see where I am with those, and then…

Then I’m going to try to live into my word for 2011.  AVAILABLE.

I want to be fully available to my children– to listen to a story, to answer a question, to read a book, to play dollies, to listen to piano practice, to have a late night conversation.

I want to be available to my husband (’nuff said).

I want to be available to go to Haiti again– or elsewhere– if that’s what God has for me in 2011.

I want to be available to serve my neighbor when her child has a fever, or a sprained ankle, or a cough.

I don’t want to be so focused on what I think I have to get done that I might as well not be here.

What is your goal for 2011?


One thought on “Happy New Year (2011)!

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