Independence Days: Weeks 36-37

Plant something: nothing

Harvest something: the last leeks

Preserve something: sweet peppers (diced and frozen)

Waste Not: my neighbor and I did a little-girl shoe swap that saved me 20 dollars.  Hooray.

Want Not: We put more apples and 50 lbs of potatoes in the basement.  (50 lbs sounded like a lot, but I’m wondering now if it will get us through till Feburary.)

Build Community Food Systems: I showed up at our farm for one of the last days of their season and asked for 50 lbs of potatoes.  They actually trade their produce for potatoes from another farm, so they bought me 50 lbs of blue and Yukon golds.  They also have connected with a local wool farm, and I bought myself a few skeins.  I’m not doing the work here, but it makes me happy to be a part of this local network.

Eat the Food: Peasant Vegetable Soup (from the Silver Palate Cookbook)- think leeks, carrots, parnsips, garlic, beans, and ham.  Thanks, Tamarin!

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