Independence Days: Weeks 32-33

Plant Something: nothing.  In fact, with our trip and illness, I barely could keep the spinach watered.

Harvest Something: more tomatoes that didn’t freeze, zinnias, and another watermelon that had been hiding under the sailboat

Preserve Something: 10 cups of pumpkin puree, and frozen tomatoes

Waste Not: I’ve been using the Diva Cup (thumbs up, if you were curious).  And hanging wash out to dry.  And composting and recycling.

Want Not/Build Community Food Systems: nothing

Eat the Food: Again, travel and illness interfered with this some.  But we’ve been eating squash, carrots, pumpkin, watermelon (ours needed another 1-2 weeks in the garden to get sweeter, but we’re eating them anyway), potatoes, tomatoes, and apples.

2 thoughts on “Independence Days: Weeks 32-33

  1. I’ve tried the Diva Cup recently too . . . I’m still having trouble figuring out how to make it comfortable – I think I need to cut that stupid tail off completely. 🙂 But I seem to be getting better at it each time around. Hope I can get it to work; it’s such a good idea!


    • I hereby give you permission to cut it off altogether.
      I think I need an over-40 and LOTS of kids size.
      Shall I include you in my letter to the company as a potential tester? =)


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