In Which My Children Discover Anne (Spelled with an e)

Did you read Anne of Green Gables growing up?  Oh, she was a kindred spirit to me– from her copious mistakes, to her desire for a bosom friend, to her imagination that runs away with her… Anne and I understood each other.

For whatever reason, I had not begun to read her with the kids– I’m not sure why.  Maybe she was so dear to me that I couldn’t bear the possibility that they wouldn’t be captivated by her.

I picked her up on CD for the car a few weeks ago and introduced her (forgive me) as Curious George in girl form.  The children were doubtful during the first two chapters (about Mrs. Rachel Lynde and Mr. Matthew Cuthbert), but from Anne’s first speech to Matthew, they were hooked.  M said, “She talks way too much!!” and was thrilled.  They beg for me to turn her on, even before I have the car on.  (Kate Burton is a delightful reader– I highly recommend this recording.).  And Sam, who’d also never read her but thought he knew all about her from the PBS show (ha!), has asked us not to listen without him.  Fat chance.

Anne of Green Gables

4 thoughts on “In Which My Children Discover Anne (Spelled with an e)

  1. So glad to read this & Glad to meet you!! I honestly never have read the book, but we are starting it as a read aloud the second week of september!! So I can’t wait to read it and share it with my little ones!! So neat to see them beg for the story isn’t it!!


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