Independence Days: Week 22

This was a busy week.

Plant Something: nothing

Harvest something: strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, onions, basil, zucchini

Preserve something: peaches (peeled and frozen), strawberry jam, and wax beans (blanched and frozen)

Waste Not: We went through all our winter clothes last weekend to figure out what we needed.  We needed less than I thought– new things for SweetP, pants for O.  Otherwise I think we’re good (unless we have a boot issue.)

Want Not: restocked all our non-perishables: dried fruit, nuts, crackers, pasta sauce (local Blue Parrot Sauce purchased at Costco)

Build Community Food Systems: introduced more folks to our local farm.  Had a good conversation this week with someone about the plight of agriculture in this country.  Talked to my local supermarket about how much I appreciate the local food they offer.

Eat the food: beans, cucumbers (3-4 per meal), carrots, onions, beats, watermelon, corn, eggs, peaches, melons, pesto

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