Independence Days: Week 21

Plant Something: nothing

Harvest something: onions, basil, peppers, oregano, a batch of compost, and strawberries

Preserve Something: jam!

Waste Not: I’m starting to use my produce bags (you know, those fenestrated bags that onions, cherries or grapes come in at the grocery store) for my other produce when I buy it.  It throws the checker, but we’re all learning as we go!  We’re also clearing out things (i.e. baby clothes) that we’re not using any more– they could be put to much better use on other babies!

Want Not: ?

Build Community Food Systems: ?

Eat the food: Fresh corn!!  Also, I hadn’t made “stromboli” for awhile.  (I have no idea what real stromboli is, but we use the word to describe a pizza crust that has been rolled around the filling and cooked in a log.)  So I made stromboli with fresh pesto, salami, and swiss cheese.  Yum!  Next week I think I’ll fill it will all my sauteed vegetables– squash, zucchini, onions, garlic…  Also, I made Whole Beet Skillet from Simply in Season— yum!  We’re having three bean salad and broccoli/bacon/sunflower seed salad, and cucumbers at (almost) every meal.

I love reading your comments! Thanks for visiting.

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