Independence Days, Weeks 17 & 18

Plant Something: carrots.

Harvest Something: an onion, the end of the peas, the first of the raspberries.

Preserve Something: peaches.  (First I pit them, then I blanch them for 60 seconds, then I peel and freeze them for smoothies, in lunch bags with about 2-3 peaches in each.)

I also took the peas I had missed– so they really huge and starchy– and let them dry them to use for seeds next year.

Waste Not: I think the peas count in this category.  And the stale croissants I turned into breadcrumbs.

Want Not: nothing.

Build Community Food Systems: I introduced another friend to my local farm.

Eat the food: Last summer’s pickled beets and peaches; from the garden– this summer’s first onion, gobs of peas, the last of the lettuce, broccoli paab (it sounds like a lot when I write it here!)  Also, all our usual staples that we acquire

from local sources: milk, eggs, yogurt (that I make from our local milk), butter, spaghetti sauce, flour, popcorn, and oats, spinach, green onions, and peas.


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