Theater Camp

This was our second (or third? I can’t remember)  year of participating in a wonderful home-grown theater camp.  A friend of ours convinced her neighbor (a retired teacher) to run a summer theater camp in her back yard.  She choses a theme for the week, and then the kids figure out how to tell the story.  They make (or  pull together) their own costumes– no money spent, please– and paint a set.  Then they perform it on Friday for all the parents/families.  No script– just a plot they agree on, and then they ad lib on Tuesday and practice it as much the same as possible until the performance.  They love it.

Here’s J, trying to scowl in his role as Draco Malfoy.

O was stage master (he didn’t want to have to remember any lines), and M played Aunt Petunia.  Both O & M got to be Quidditch players as well.

They had a wonderful time.  The families who participate are really great, and the woman who runs is it lovely.  We’re already wondering what she’ll pick for next year…


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